Celtic Wedding Bands

The Celtic wedding bands are original designs that originated from Ireland. Moved from one generation to another these designs originated from it of Kelly. Previously the rings were seen denoting status, fidelity and wealth. The special meaning behind the Celtic wedding bands is it is believed to participating unions as you for his or her past, present and future. They represent oneness and endless love. Couples like the bands because they denote a continuing cycle: no beginning with any finish.

For decades, Celtic wedding rings happen to be popular, not just among the Celtic peoples, but around the world. Gold Celtic wedding rings are sought after in Europe and also the U. S. States, but copper is yet another popular selection of Celtic rings – including Celtic engagement rings, Celtic wedding bands, Celtic wedding rings, Claddagh engagement rings, Irish engagement rings, and Irish wedding rings. The men’s gold Celtic wedding rings frequently feature whether Celtic knot or perhaps an infinity design. The knot could be edged with parallel bands of gold or any other metal. The intricate twists and turns from the knot represent the working together of a couple as well as their path through existence. Sometimes promise test is written around the ring within the Celtic language.


The initial gold Celtic wedding bands get their roots within the small towns that line the perimeters from the Celtic islands. One favorite legendary story is one of the Claddagh ring. Allegedly a guy named Richard Joyce sailed towards the West Indies to operate and cut costs to marry his sweetheart. In route, his boat was taken and that he was offered as present a goldsmith in Algiers. Joyce been skilled in the craft and grew to become highly trained. It featured clasped hands, a heart along with a crown. The look options that come with the ring usually are meant to say “With my hands, I provide you with me and crown it with my love.” Upon his release, Joyce came back to locate his beloved still waiting plus they were married.
celtic wedding bands


Men’s gold Celtic wedding rings have grown to be popular since they’re a bold and distinctive design which has real meaning behind the constituents from the rings. The revival of recognition from the Celtic bands arrives simply with well-known couples who’ve opted for Celtic wedding ring. For instance, Jim Morrison from the Doorways and Patricia Kennelly-Morrison exchanged Claddagh rings included in the events surrounding their marriage.

Types of Celtic Wedding Bands

Gold Celtic wedding bands are frequently more elaborated in design and simultaneously more symbolic kinds of wedding rings. For instance, the Celtic knot is incorporated as engraving on many rings. In other Celtic wedding rings, the Celtic knot is incorporated as openwork, giving a lacy turn to the ring. The infinity symbol is another popular motif in Celtic rings. A diamond ring of those can be put round the band or you can use it being an accent point.

Finally, although a lot of individuals with Irish heritage will choose men’s gold Celtic wedding rings, Celtic jeweler is not only for the Irish. The rings represent all of the positive qualities that the couple can take shape upon for any lengthy lasting marriage commitment. The Celtic mix signifies a Christian background belief. The Celtic Trinity knot includes other belief systems. You should use these elements within the wedding ring that you simply choose or make the most of others that suit your personality better. So, browse picking Celtic rings and add your favorite features in your ring design.